Mod Midtown
Make your space.




We like to think of Mod as a home a friend would open up to entertain. To us, hospitality is about creating a personal experience, so we carved out a beautiful event space that can easily transform into a photo studio, a concert venue, or a workspace. With a fully licensed bar and house PA available, intimate music events, social mixers, and parties can happen easily.

Minimal drapes and lighting with warm, mid-century finishes decorate our modern and open event space, which can host up to 250 people (standing). While we curate our own events here from time to time, we also make it available to anyone.  We'll work with you to get the furniture set up the way you want, so whether you're hosting a yoga pop up, teaching a class, meeting with co-workers, or throwing a shower, the space will meet your needs. 


Since the purchase of the building in 2010, Midtown has seen a complete overhaul and now showcases some of the city’s most modern developments. Now one of the trendiest districts in Rochester, Midtown is a community that offers creative food and beverage, modern architecture and green space. Midtown is located inside Center City where you’ll find independent theaters, small music halls and clubs, galleries, gourmet food and maker spaces. If this is your first time in Rochester, we invite you to explore Center City.

Mod is situated perfectly in Center City, in view of Parcel 5. Planning your event at Mod during some of Rochester’s largest festivals will provide you and your guests the perfect mix of intimacy and excitement . You will have the benefits of a private enclosed space with the ability to view the festival’s event, as well as the freedom to step outside and enjoy local activity.

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